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Build your Business
the Right Way!

We help idea-stage founders
validate demand before building their product 

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Programme Outcomes


Business Outcome



Founders Club

We stack the odds in your favour

97% of startups fail in their first year.
The biggest reason? Lack of market demand.

Millions of investor dollars are wasted on ideas destined to fail.
Founders invest years of effort chasing the wrong dream.

There’s a better way.

Day Zero to Revenue Generation

Our 3 Stage Programme focuses on revenue generation — the clearest signal of demand.

Your goal will be to achieve £1,000+ in monthly
revenue, setting a solid foundation for growth.

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Our graduates either:

  • Raise funding 
    to build a team and scale.
  • Item
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  • Achieve profitability
    enabling further growth.

Proven To Help
You Succeed

'' Underdog provided me with invaluable peer-to-peer support from my very first day as a startup founder.''
Vinay Vasanji
"They opened doors, made helpful industry-specific connections, and gave us access to experts for invaluable mentorship."
Andrej Kuttruf
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